egg dishes


ham & egg wrap                                                                        8.00

cheddar, red onion, organic greens, roasted tomatoes,

roasted red pepper vinaigrette


deep dish strata                                                                        8.25

broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, pesto, roasted tomato


truffle egg toast                                                                        9.25

2 yolks, asparagus, pullman, swiss, truffle oil


breakfast sandwich                                                                  7.75

egg, bacon, cheddar, basil aioli & a side of fruit

served on bagel or pullman


bacon & cheddar quiche / special quiche                              7.75 / 8.25

served with a side of fresh fruit


egg sandwich                                                                            7.95

mozzarella, red onion, tomatoes, roasted red peoppers,

sundried tomato aioli & field greens on a roll & a side of fruit


farm fresh 3 egg omelet                                                           8.95

served with home fries & a cheddar biscuit

choose two items fresh herbs, spinach, mushrooms,

tomatoes, red onions, cheddar, mozzarella, swiss 


add goat cheese, parmesan or feta                                           1.50


add bacon, sausage, ham or all egg whites                               2.25


substitute fresh fruit                                                                    1.75


southwest burrito / add chorizo                                              8.00 / 10.00

scrambled eggs, pepper jack, avocado, black bean salsa,

spicy sour cream, salsa ranchera




applewood smoked bacon/sausage patties                          3.00


yukon gold home fries                                                             3.00


cheddar biscuit                                                                         1.00


sausage gravy                                                                           3.95


d-lux fruit bowl                                                                          6.50


fruit cup / bowl                                                                          3.00 / 5.50


and there's more...


granola parfait                                                                           6.00

house made granola, low-fat yogurt, fresh berries


old-fashioned oatmeal                                                              6.50

choose two brown sugar, flame raisins, honey,

fresh strawberries, bananas


belgian waffle                                                                            8.50

choice of fresh berries or banana walnut


c.b. & g.                                                                                      7.50

cheddar biscuits & gravy




with cream cheese or butter                                                    3.00


with peanut butter & jelly                                                         4.50


workx                                                                                         6.95

cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, sprouts


lox                                                                                              10.00

cream cheese, tomato, red onion, capers, lox


hummus                                                                                     6.95

house-made hummus, sliced radishes, red onion,

harissa, sprouts, extra virgin olive oil


wake up juice


proudly serving Hubbard & Cravens    


coffee & sobro iced tea                                                            13.98 / lb.


freshly brewed coffee                                                               2.25

Ethiopean Yirgacheffe, French Roast,

Panama Boquette, Kenya AA decaf


espresso                                                                                    2.50 / 3.25

single  or double


americano                                                                                  3.25

double espresso, water


cappuccino                                                                                3.60

espresso, 1/2 streamed milk, 1/2 creamy foam


cafe latte                                                                                    3.60

double espresso, steamed milk, foam


cafe au lait                                                                                 3.60

dark french roast cofee, steamed milk


mocha latte                                                                                4.25

cafe latte with house-made bittersweet chocolate ganache,

whipped cream


flavor latte                                                                                  4.25

cafe latte with caramel, hazelnut, or vanilla flavor


spanish latte                                                                              4.25

cafe latte with sweetened condensed milk


breve latte                                                                                  3.75

cafe latte with half & half


soy latte                                                                                     3.75

cafe latte with soy milk


add'l shot of espresso or flavored syrup                                     1.50


other beverages


fruit smoothie                                                                            6.00


hot spanish cocoa with marshmallows                                     4.50


freshly squeezed orange juice                                                 3.50 / 5.00


fresh lemonade                                                                          2.50


fresh brewed iced tea                                                                2.50


SerendipiTea hot tea                                                                  2.75

buccaneer                                       mao jian

lady grey                                         passion & envy

cha-cha chai                                   organic mint

cheeky peach                                 strawberry hibiscus

keemun                                          chamomile-lavender

decaf black                                     other seasonal selections



breakfast served daily from open until 11am & all day on the weekend