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Truffle chick peas                                                              5.5
French or wheat baguette slice                                         2.5
Green tea wasabi peanuts                                                5
Warm olive bowl, cumin, garlic confit                                8
House-made chicken liver pate, pommery mustard,
   crostini                                                                            8
Bowl of creamy tomato soup                                             6
Dates, chorizo, spicy tomato ragu, goat cheese,
   bacon, french baguette                                                  9
Hummus, harissa, olive oil, flatbread                                7
Spinach & feta dip, flatbread                                             7.5
Sundried tomato, mozzarella &
   roasted red pepper dip, flatbread                                   7.5
Warm goat cheese, fresh thyme,
   roasted peppers, flatbread                                             7.5
Blue cheese & bacon dip, flatbread                                  7.5
Crispy breaded shrimp, remoulade,
   housemade cocktail sauce                                            11
Camembert en croute, apricots, cranberries,
   pecans (please allow 30 minutes)                                 9
Truffled eggs, toast, swiss, asparagus, olive oil               10
Avocado puree, house made plantain chips                     9
Antipasto, prosciutto, bresaola, taleggio, provolone,
   caprese, artichokes, marinated olives                           13
Artisanal cheese plate, french baguette                           11
Bresaola carpaccio, arugula, fennel, baby tomatoes,
   lemon zest, artichokes, red onion, ricotta salata,
   caper vinaigrette                                                            10
Prosciutto, melon, spinach, goat cheese, 
   balsamic, extra virgin olive oil                                        12
Charcuterie, genoa salami, hot cappicola, mortadella,
   smoked ham, house made pickles, hard cooked egg,
   pommery mustard, french baguette                               12

Crispy squid, edamame, carrots, daikon, napa cabbage,
   cucumbers, tomatoes, miso vinaigrette                         9
Fresh mozzarella, baby tomatoes, herb salad,
   olive oil, sea salt, balsamic syrup                                  9
Red and golden beets, citrus, goat cheese, herbs,
   organic greens, zest, lemon vinaigrette                         8
Field greens, herbs, balsamic vinaigrette                         6
Caesar, parmigiano reggiano, house made croutons       7
Vegetable salad, spinach, green beans, asparagus,
   carrots, tomato, red onion, corn, edamame,
   cucumbers, honey tarragon vinaigrette                         8
Panzanella, giant white beans, capers, tomatoes,
   spinach, red onions, feta cheese,
   champagne vinaigrette                                                  8
Spinach, red onions, bacon, tomatoes, croutons,
   parmigiano reggiano, balsamic vinaigrette                    8
Chopped, red onions, tomatoes, blue cheese, corn, 
   bacon, avocados, apples, sherry vinaigrette                 8
Pear & Roquefort                                                              8
Organic field greens, strawberries, apples,
   candied pepitas, dried cranberries, blue cheese,
   champagne vinaigrette                                                  8
Smoked salmon, organic greens, fennel, apple, dill,
   fresh horseradish, sherry vinaigrette                             9


Rare roast beef, point reyes blue, horseradish,
   balsamic onion marmalade                                           12
Tuna nicoise, tapenade, hard cooked egg,
   cucumbers, red onion                                                    10
Speck, sundried tomato pesto, roasted peppers,
roasted red onions, garlic confit, ricotta salata                 13
Curry chicken, fuji apple, tarragon                                    10
Fresh mozzarella, roasted tomato, pesto                         11
Smoked ham, brie, sliced pears, honey                           12
Smoked salmon, red onion, capers,
   cucumber, dill raita                                                        12
Asparagus, prosciutto, roasted tomatoes,
   shaved parmigiano reggiano, pesto cream                   13


Roasted chorizo, baby tomatoes, corn, avocado,
   herb salad, whiskey barrel aged maple syrup               14
Braised lamb shank, pesto, toasted pine nuts                  17
Grilled N.Y. steak, blue cheese, balsamic onions, sage   23
Spicy pulled pork tinga or crispy breaded tilapia,
   flour tortillas, avocado puree, black bean salsa,
   salsa ranchera, sour cream                                           15
Grilled bacon chop, apple & horseradish slaw                 19
Slow roasted salmon, dill pistachio pistou                        17
Roasted chicken, rosemary, lemon                                  16
Miso glazed salmon, sesame seeds, cilantro                   17

Sweet potato frites, sweet & spicy chili aioli                     7
Oven roasted tomatoes                                                    4
Braised collards, smoked pork, banana peppers,
   scallions                                                                         6
Pomme Frites, basil aioli                                                  6
Creamy polenta, parmigiano reggiano, tomato ragu        7
Truffle Frites, parmigiano reggiano, truffle aioli                9
Orzo, mint, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta,
   kalamata olives                                                              7
Chilled red and golden beets, feta cheese,
   herbs, champagne vinaigrette                                       6
Green beans, baby tomatoes, fresh corn,
   garlic, herbs, olive oil                                                     7
Sauteed asparagus, parmigiano reggiano                        8
Mashed yukon golds                                                         6
Chipotle frites, grated cheese, chipotle aioli                     7
Vine-ripe tomatoes, fresh corn, blue cheese,
   balsamic vinaigrette                                                       7
Tortellini, kalamata olives, artichokes, scallions,
   garlic, champagne vinegar, olive oil                               7


All items are served as the executive chef has interpreted them.
No substitutions, please & thank you.


Consuming raw or undercooked foods may be a health risk.