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garden salads


garden salad (create your own)                                                 7.95

choose one mixed greens, romaine or spinach


choose four 
green beans        ham               parmesan

edamame            apples           tomatoes

carrots                 bacon            cucumbers

asparagus           croutons        herbs

egg                      turkey            pears

mozzarella          cheddar         blue cheese


choose one sherry, balsamic, honey tarragon,

or buttermilk dressing


add chicken breast to any salad 3.25


chef's                                                                                             8.95

ham, tomatoes, cheddar mozzarella, egg, red onions,

cucumbers, carrots, smoked bacon, buttermilk dressing


pear & roquefort                                                                          7.95

candied walnuts, organic field greens, sherry vinaigrette


taste’s cobb                                                                                  9.25

turkey, smoked bacon, egg, avocado, tomato,

blue cheese, buttermilk dressing


classic caesar                                                                              7.25

parmigiano reggiano, house made croutons


organic field greens                                                                    6.95

fresh herbs, tomato, balsamic vinaigrette


spinach                                                                                         7.95

tomato, smoked bacon, house made croutons, red onion

parmigiano reggiano, balsamic vinaigrette


chopped                                                                                        8.50

romaine, red onion, tomato, blue cheese, corn,

smoked bacon, avocado, green apple, sherry vinaigrette


the v-8                                                                                           7.95

asparagus, green beans, edamame, tomato, red onion,

corn, cucumber, carrots, honey tarragon vinaigrette


salad plate                                                                                    7.95

your choice of albacore tuna salad, curry chicken salad

or classic chicken salad on a bed of organic field greens


trio specialty salad plate                                                             8.50

your choice of three specialty salads


sides & extra items


pommes frites                                                                              4.50

koser salt, cracked pepper, basil aioli


truffle frites                                                                                   9.00

parmigiano reggiano, truffle oil truffle aioli


freshly made soup                                                                       3.00 / 5.00

cup or bowl of daily special


deviled eggs                                                                                 1.25

dill, capers


add a cup of soup or specialty salad side                                 2.75

to any lunch entree


add extra aioli or truffle aioli to your frites                                1.00


gourmet sandwiches


all sandwiches are dressed with house vinaigrette &

served with vine ripe tomatoes, organic field greens &

refrigerator pickles. choice of french or whole wheat baguette


albacore tuna nicoise                                                                  7.25

hard cooked egg, olive tapenade, red onion, cucumbers


b.a.l.t.                                                                                             7.25

“a” is for avocado, basil aioli


italian grinder                                                                               7.95

imported mortadella, coppa, genoa salami, provolone,

olive tapenade


smoked ham & cheese                                                                7.25

with choice of swiss or provolone, house made mayonnaise


prosciutto & caprese                                                                   8.50

imported prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette,

basil aioli


roasted turkey & smoked bacon                                                7.95 

provolone cheese, house made thousand island dressing


curried chicken salad                                                                  7.25 

freshly roasted chicken, sweet madras curry, dates, apples,



rare roast beef                                                                              7.95 

balsamic onions, horseradish mayonnaise


classic chicken salad                                                                  7.25 

chicken breast, scallions, yellow pepper, red onion,

fresh herbs


the veggie                                                                                     7.25 

roasted portobello, red onion, roasted peppers, swiss,

sprouts, basil aioli


the erin                                                                                          7.25 

asparagus, sprouts, red onion, provolone, swiss, basil aioli,

dijon dill sauce 


add extra                                                                                       1.00

aioli, spread or dressing to any sandwich or salad


specialty salads                                          priced by the 1/2 lb.


roasted beets                                                                                4.50


fresh fruit                                                                                       4.50


tortellini                                                                                          5.75


albacore tuna                                                                                 5.75


classic chicken                                                                              5.75


curry chicken                                                                                 5.75


chilled asparagus                                                                          6.00


greek orzo                                                                                      4.50


vine-ripe tomato                                                                            4.50


butter pickles                                                                                 5.00


marinated olives                                                                            7.00



lunch served daily from 11am until close